Mick Foley WWE 24/7 Championship

WWE 24/7 Championship Debut

The WWE 24/7 Championship debut took place on RAW on Monday May 20th, in Albany New York.

It had already been announced at Money in the Bank the night before that Mick Foley would be unveiling a new WWE title on that Monday night edition of RAW. So expectations were high that it would form some kind of link to the Hardcore Championship of old.

I’ll admit that the 24/7 Championship debut didn’t necessarily get the reaction that the WWE were hoping for from the live crowd. I think because so many people were expecting it just to be the Hardcore Championship, anything less was not going to be as well received.

Yes, there was also the issue of the belt design. Having the 24/7 Championship debut and have design that, to be fair, is a bit lazy. Did not help things either. I’ve said in my recent YouTube video that whilst the design is lazy it strangely appeals to me. I don’t know what it is, something about the greenness of it that just is different. But lots of people don’t like it and the crowd at the 24/7 Championship debut didn’t much care for it either.

I also read that Mick Foley has said that he felt his promo didn’t go down well either. It did feel a little flat. i am not sure if it was a reaction to the crowd reaction of just one of those bad days for the hardcore legend. Either way that, the belt design and the over expectations of the live crowd didn’t help the 24/7 Championship debut and the scramble that followed.

First WWE 24/7 Champion

Titus O'Neil WWE 24/7 Champion

Titus O’Neill was the first ever WWE 24/7 Champion. After the 24/7 Championship debut annoucement Mick Foley left the Championship in the middle of the ring.

He announced that whoever secured the title first in a scramble would become the inaugural champion. Titus O’Neil beat Cedric Alexander, Drake Maverick, EC3, Eric Young, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Mojo Rawley, and No Way Jose in a scramble to be the first to claim the Championship.

Drake Maverick came within a few seconds of becoming the first ever 24/7 Champion. But was not successful. However, this was only the start of his quest to become the champion. His hunt for the title started here.

Second WWE 24/7 Champion

Robert Roode WWE 24/7 Champion

The championship reign of Titus O’Neil lasted a whopping 24 seconds when he was pinned on the ramp during his celebrations. Robert Roode then made a run for it chased by the remainder of the superstars who were involved in the scramble

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